A towering figure of 6'8" and stockily built, Tojiro looms heavily over most denizens of Faerun. Ornately dressed in flowing robes, mailed fists, and a large, wide-brimmed hat, no portion of its skin is visible to the naked eye. Even its face is concealed by an obsidian mask, giving the appearance of a deep cast shadow over the figure's visage. It carries no apparent weaponry.




Tojiro seldomly speaks, if ever, throwing even its gender into question upon first encounter (Though most would assume a 'he' by size alone). More importantly, its refusal to talk has allowed many fanciful tales surrounding the being's existence and arrival in the Stonelands to spin themselves.

More superstitious commoners believe the strange character's inexplicable and undetected arrival in the Stonelands to be solid proof that it is a specter come from the seas and forever cursed to walk the lands in search of a loved one, a family treasure, vengeance, or whatever suits the nature of he who tells the tale. More grounded individuals see the figure as an eccentric, perchance even insane man or woman who managed to stumble into town under the radar by freak chance. Still others pay it no heed—stranger beings exist in Faerun and this one is not too entirely different.


Scions of the Stonelands Tojiro