Justus Greystag

"I have sworn to uphold good and law both. These aren't lofty ideals in a world of hate and violence, they are goals that I will bring into fruition or die in the attempt."


Justus is a well-built, sturdy young man in his twenties.  He has dark brown hair, deep green eyes, and stands at about 6'3".  His hair is cropped relatively short.  He has broad shoulders, a muscular build, and a handsome face, with gracefully sharp features. He wears his twin bastard swords strangely, with one strapped across his back beneath his white cloak, and the other hanging from the belt at his waist, but he wields these weapons effortlessly in combat.  His masterwork banded mail bears the armored fist of Helm, and he is most at home within this armor.


Justus was born into a noble house in Cormyr, distant cousin to the Iron Regent, Alusair, but quickly found he did not like his status and the politics that came with it.  Bearing a similar temperament for such trivialities as the Regent herself, his good heart sought escape from the haughtiness and self-importance of the nobility in the military.  He proved a talented soldier, a prudent tactician, and a faithful defender of his country.  He rose through the ranks, always reaching for a higher prize.

 During an incident during the Orc siege of Arabel, he found himself narrowly escaping the falling stone of a catapult.  He attributed this to the divine will of Helm, and, finishing his active duty, retired to become a paladin for Helm.

This expression of faith has fuelled his ambition.  He seeks the power and resources necessary to deal effective blows to the forces of evil in Ferun.  With the Zhents and the Shade Empire to the north, Drow to the east in the Dales, and countless monsters roaming his own country, he has already begun consideration for far-reaching plans to deal with these enemies.

Despite his resentment of it, his noble background is still apparent in his posture and mannerisms.  He carries himself with an unshakeable confidence that few can fault. He was practically born for leadership, and his allies tend to fall in behind him.  He can talk his way out of most trouble, and fight his way out of the rest.

Perhaps Justus’ only major flaw is his acute vain streak.  He can often be seen grooming himself, and examining his features in the hand mirror that he perpetually carries.  This fault often causes irritation in his friends, and preoccupies him at inappropriate times.  He is also not above using his noble status and family’s resources to attain his goals within the limits of his Paladin oath.

Justus Greystag

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