Samwise Gallant

"Relax... I've got everything under control..."


Age: 24
Race: Human
Hair: matted Jeht Black with a few misty grey streaks
Eyes: a dull shade of storm grey
Class: Ranger (Will not multiclass)
Skin Color: Tanned White with complex black, tribal-esque tattoos in bands across the arms, back, legs, chest, even the temples of the forehead and neck.
Alignment: Neutral Good


Samwise is a self-styled Ranger who specializes in aquatic warfare, offering his services as specialist in the armed forces of Cormyr, serving as a forward scout in the borderlands of Thurnderstone. What his "services" are vary wildly depending on his current level of pay, the planned destination, and local issues. Usually he's hired to deal with the more disruptive of local wildlife which captains may encounter, such a maneating sharks and squids at sea, or angry bears and goblins on land, though he also serves in some capacity as a guide, having an intimate knowledge of the local waterways and lands, which also makes him an ideal forward scout and observer.

He is highly proficient with his composite Longbow (made from the spine of a sea creature), though he is more than capable of fighting in close quarters with his shortsword and buckler (also made by hand from the bones of a another large sea predator and the shell of a sea turtle). He wears crocodile leather armor whose protection is comparitive to that of conventional studded leather, and a tattered shawl made of sown seaweed that he wears over his leather armor (his shirt, shorts and leg/arm wrappings are made similarly). He wears sandles made from seaweed and treebark and bracers made in a similar manner over his wrappings.

He lives by the water and in the wild, and is as proficient at surviving in the swirling torrents of the oceans and rivers of Faerun as he is in the water swelled mangroves and bone dry forests that border it. He lives a solitary life and surfs the seas and rivers on the back of Gorefang, his faithful crocodile companion. If you need a man whose not afraid to get wet behind the ears, they don't get much wetter than Samwise…

Samwise Gallant

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